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American Craft - Jewelry

An extensive selection of silver jewelry from an array of both emerging and established American designers awaits you at Caleb Meyer.   Ranging from sophisticated and minimalistic to colorful and highly detailed, the selection is expertly curated and constantly evolving.

Ford and Forlano E. Douglas Wunder Satomi Studio
Carly Wright Christina Goodman Designs Eles Design
Ayala Napthali Viloria Road Amy Faust
BMF Jewelry Moira K. Lime TDM Studio: Karen McCreary
Kenneth Pillsworth Ashka Dymel Lorri Primavera
Deb Karash Susan Kinzig Design Eileen Sutton
Olivia deSoria Matsu Studio Jewelry Susan Fleming
Ananda Khalsa Jewelry by Viki Melle Finelli Jewelry
Alexis Murray Giselle Kolb Dushka
Aileen Lampman Eva Ziegler Donna Veverka Jewelry
Ann McKay Studio James Meyer Jewelry Heather Guidero

Caleb Meyer Studio • 8520 Germantown Avenue • Philadelphia, PA 19118 • 215-248-9250