This is a love story.

The fine jewelry made by hand in the Caleb Meyer Studio celebrates the dramatic interplay of form and function. It expresses our deep reverence for the techniques, craftsmanship and design cues of the past. It reveals our awe of the miraculous gemstones bestowed upon us by nature. Our respect for our planet guides our use of recycled and reclaimed precious metals and stones. We are forever fascinated by the infinite possibilities of enduring modern design that delights the senses and moves the spirit. There’s a story behind every piece of fine jewelry conceived by the imagination and made by hand in the Caleb Meyer Studio.

New From the Workshop

Emerald Stud Earrings with Diamond Halo
Emerald Stud Earrings with Diamond Halo

Emerald Stud Earrings with Diamond Halo

One of a kind studs in 18K yellow gold with a platinum overlay, bezel set with a pair of round faceted emeralds, 5.5mm 1.29ct. total weight, surrounded by a halo of round brilliant diamonds, 0.21ct. total weight, clarity VS2, color F-G.

Style #6074

Our Diamonds

Our Old Mine and European cut diamonds may look colorless, but they’re all totally green.

We love diamonds that were mined and cut before the 1930s for so many reasons. Their distinct architectural cut. The unique way they refract light and create fire and shapes unlike any other diamonds. And, while these antique diamonds will knock you out with their captivating beauty, they have absolutely zero impact on the planet. Because we've always believed that for jewelry to be beautiful, it must first be ethical.

“I hate diamonds.” — 1988, “I love diamonds.” — Caleb Meyer, 2018

It takes a diamond between one and three billion years to form. It took Caleb considerably less time to succumb to the mesmerizing and miraculous charms of this storied gemstone. Nearly indestructible, its enduring and magical beauty have captured Caleb’s heart and his imagination.  He would love to share his expertise and passion for diamonds with you. He is always available to schedule a meeting in the studio or on the phone to discuss your questions and to describe the stones we have on hand as well as begin the process of finding the specific stone you may have in mind.