Diamond Rings

At Caleb Meyer, we have a simple approach to designing exquisite diamond rings: start with beautiful stones of impeccable quality, and then create graceful, timeless settings in high-karat gold and platinum that showcase the brilliance of these alluring gems to their best advantage. 
Things to keep in mind - We keep a selection of loose diamonds meeting our exacting standards for cut, color and clarity in our inventory at all times, and through our long-standing relationships with reputable diamond dealers we can also bring in additional stones for your consideration. We will work with you (and within your budget) to craft a one-of-a-kind ring to be cherished for generations. 
Because we want our diamond rings to be comfortably worn and enjoyed on a daily basis, we choose to set all of our diamonds (and colored stones) in bezel settings. A bezel is a rim of precious metal (gold or platinum)which encircles the stone and holds it securely in place. More difficult and time-consuming to execute than prong settings, we believe that the aesthetic and technical advantages of bezel settings are well worth the extra effort.