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The People

Small studio.
Big commitment to integrity,
craftsmanship and personal attention.

Caleb Meyer has always demanded as much of his staff as he does of himself. The impressive studio team he has assembled is a brilliant example of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. Their individual talents, expertise and passion come together to make the Caleb Meyer Studio a design, procurement and craftsmanship force to be reckoned with. Their mission to provide the ultimate customer experience has earned them a reputation as a rare gem in the world of custom handmade fine jewelry.


Caleb Meyer

Master Metalsmith. Gem Expert. Passionate Artist.

To say that designing and creating fine gold and platinum gemstone jewelry is in Caleb’s blood isn’t hyperbole. It’s simply the truth. The son of storied Williamsport, Pennsylvania custom gold jewelry maker James Meyer, Caleb has a distinct pedigree and an unsurpassed fire for his art and craft.

A graduate of Haverford College, Caleb continued his post-graduate education at the renowned Rhode Island School of Design and the Gemological Institute of America. After his formal education, he apprenticed in his father’s shop where he mastered complex fabrication and forging techniques. It was during this period of his career that he realized that gold-smithing was a pursuit that combined his love of creative design with his deep appreciation of skillful and meticulous technique.

Caleb’s designs draw on art, architecture and natural references. His unique creations impart a rare and distinct sense of balance and form to fine jewelry. And, no matter how ornate and fanciful his designs, he ensures that every piece he creates is practical and durable enough to be worn every day. Never complacent, he is always pushing the limits of his technical skill so that he may execute ever more complex and challenging designs. His mission is to create custom pieces of exceptional beauty and value that bring lifelong joy to his clients.

Stephanie Richards

Graduate Gemologist. Appraiser. Art and Design Aficionado.

Before joining the Caleb Meyer Studio in 2004 as Gallery Manager, Stephanie was introduced to American Craft and gained invaluable experience working with James Meyer, the other renowned jewelry maker in the talented family. Her ongoing fascination with sculpted works and old-world craftsmanship has turned her career into her calling.

Stephanie’s extensive experience has given her a highly trained eye for impeccable craftsmanship and timeless design. Along with her refined sensibilities, she possesses stellar organizational skills that make her a tremendous asset to the studio and its clientele.

Always eager to learn, Stephanie pursued and was awarded the prestigious Graduate Gemologist Diploma (G.G.) from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), a degree only conferred upon those individuals with the highest level of expertise in the identification and grading of diamonds and colored gemstones. As the studio’s resident diamond grader, Stephanie performs appraisals. Never content to sit on her laurels, Stephanie completes continuing gemstone education annually. It is her great pleasure to share her substantial knowledge as she guides clients in the acquisition of cherished works of wearable fine art.

Natalie Quarino

A Highly Skilled Eye. Exceptional Technical Skill. Fresh Ideas.

Natalie met her first mentor, Sharon Church, at the University of the Arts where she received her bachelor’s degree in Craft & Metal-smithing. She was introduced to focused technical skills at her first job as a jeweler. Natalie quickly realized that conveyer-belt, mass-produced jewelry didn’t align with her love of the process of handmade pieces. She followed her heart and sought out a path of developing and mastering more techniques and immersing herself in every aspect of custom jewelry making.

Natalie’s interest in organic growth, the cycles of nature and the allure of gemstones made her a perfect fit for the Caleb Meyer Studio. Working alongside Caleb since 2015, she brings a skilled eye and an inquisitive mind to her work. She has become an invaluable member of the creative team who continues to exhibit impressive growth as an artist and metalsmith.

Kristin Carroll

Newest Addition to Caleb Meyer Studio. A Seasoned Veteran of the World of Fine Jewelry.

A graduate of Kutztown University with a BFA in Photography and Art History, Kristin’s love of jewelry began with college museum trips and visits to antiquities exhibits. She was drawn to the ancient coins and relics of early gold and silver metal work.  Having found her passion, she began her career in the arts/non-profit world. As her interests deepened and evolved, Kristin spent the next 12 years in the luxury jewelry industry. During this time, she refined her creative eye, design aesthetic and strategic thinking, while also learning the intricacies of retail.

Her affinity for rare and precious stones and metals continues to grow, as does her appreciation of the virtues of the handmade process. Kristin's strong visual background, exquisite taste, technical knowledge and retail experience have made for a seamless transition into the culture at the Caleb Meyer Studio. She is excited to be working with a small team of like-minded people who share her passion.