Part American Craft gallery. Part working fine jewelry studio. Entirely unique. Caleb Meyer is a one-of-a-kind place to view and purchase one-of-a-kind pieces.

 If it isn't handmade, you won't find it here. That goes for every piece of handcrafted fine jewelry, hand blown glass, hand thrown pottery and hand carved wood. In fact, the studio is so totally committed to handmade work that many of the display cases are handcrafted by Caleb's brother, Jonah Meyer. Each item is created by artisans who love what they do and honor the traditions of their individual crafts with a rare dedication and skill.

What can you expect to find here? Housewarming gifts that actually bring warmth into a friend's home. Glass lamps that softly illuminate a room and a corner of your soul. Silver jewelry crafted by the most innovative and talented silversmiths working in North America today. And, of course, exquisite fine gold and platinum jewelry custom designed and hand forged right here in the studio. Far from an ordinary jewelry or craft store, Caleb Meyer is an ever-changing place that celebrates the art of the handmade.

Since opening our doors in 1994, the mission of Caleb Meyer has always been to provide a warm and inviting space in which to interact with wonderful handmade designs. We celebrate the creative process in everything we do here and we hope that you will immerse yourself in it. You are encouraged to pick up the pottery, glass and wood crafts in the gallery. As far as we’re concerned, to really appreciate a handmade piece, you have to hold it in your own hands.

Caleb’s own custom handmade gold and platinum jewelry is a magnificent expression of his creative vision and technical skill. His distinct and timeless style which has evolved over many years is at once classic and modern. You are invited to choose from among the many finished pieces on display in the studio. Or, if you prefer, you are welcome to take part in the creative process and have our goldsmiths handcraft a custom piece for you. The team at Caleb Meyer is always eager to share their knowledge and love of their craft. When you visit, you’ll see them in the back of the shop working on their latest creations. You’ll be serenaded by the tap of hammers, the whirl of polishers and the blue flame of soldering torches that contribute to shop’s unique ambience. Please make yourself at home, enjoy the collections and ask lots of questions. That’s the best way for you to get to know the work of Caleb Meyer… and the people who create it.

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