American Craft

While we love to create fine gold and platinum jewelry, we’re equally passionate about seeking out and introducing you to the finest American craftspeople working in wood, glass, pottery and silver. At any given time, our studio will showcase many pieces from our perennial favorites, those artisans who continue to produce beautiful work year after year. We also make a point of seeking out the work of new people who are doing interesting things. From functional to fanciful, our ever-changing collection of crafts will delight you every time you visit. Depending upon your mood and the pieces on hand, something different will strike you because of its graceful form, expressive color, practical beauty or soulful quality. Be sure to take your time and notice the variations in the pottery glazes…the grain of the wood that’s as unique as a fingerprint…the intensity of the color of a handblown vase. And, please feel free to touch. After all, everything in the shop was made by hand, so it’s used to being picked up. When it’s handmade you can see and feel the difference…in your hand and in your heart.